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7 Steps To Launch + Grow Your Acting Career is designed for Actors who want to put their talent to work. If you’re fed up with endless classes and workshops that amount to nothing but are still determined to get your acting career to the next level, 7 Steps is essential. The one-to-one coaching sessions immerse you with Professional Level attention that will push you, support you, and lift your work to an entirely new level.

$2.65 a day for one year.

That's all it takes to start making your acting career dream a reality.

It can begin today.

7 Steps To Launch + Grow Your Acting Career  isn't a a silver bullet, it's not a quick fix. It's what actually works: an acting career blueprint for success in today's industry you can rely on for years to come. It gives you the industry-savvy career guidancesuperior marketing tools and proven performance and audition techniques needed to take your work to a professional Performance Level and get you started on a serious Career Plan of Action.

Together we'll...

•  Recognize, define and use your Castable Types® to present your talent as highly castable and ready to book bigger roles.

•  Make an immediate, positive impression on Agents and Casting Directors and discover what they really look for in the actors they book for work.  

•  Master a reliable acting technique you can use with ease and confidence in cold readings, auditions, shoots and performances.

•  Let the industry know about your talent by creating the right marketing materials infused with your unique Castable Types energy.

•  Create a Career Plan of Action with achievable goals that lead to tangible professional progress.

•  Avoid career killing traps like Survival Job Syndrome, Panic Acting and the Cycle of Crapulence.

•  Maintain serious focus, actual enthusiasm and sustainable momentum as you grow your Acting career

7 Video Modules

My own trademarked approach to talent and career development will take your acting and audition skills to a more professional, nuanced level that industry demands while showing you how to create a plan of action to launch, finance and grow your career.

2 Personal Coaching Sessions

Two 60 minute Skype or Facetime coaching sessions with me to go in-depth on any aspect of the training program or your career plan of action. My complete focus will be on growing your talent and career.

14 Templates and Guidesheets

Reliable, proven guides to navigate auditions, agent meetings and more along with templates to whip all your marketing materials into superior shape that gets the attention of agents and casting.

*Bonus Coaching Session

To say thanks my gift to you is an additional 60 minute coaching session if you purchase today. You'll never get this much personalized attention in any scene study or improv class. I only have 25 spots available so don't hesitate!

Plus, my program comes with a money back guarantee.

If this course isn't for you, let me know within 10 days of purchase and I'll refund every cent. It's that easy.

Ready To Launch!

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Exactly what I needed to succeed at the top level.


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This was a total game changer for me.


Terry Murphy

This was great! I learned so much.

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